Oklahoma Drivers Are Among The Rudest In The Nation

Oklahoma Drivers Are Among The Rudest In The Nation

Surveys have found that Oklahoma drivers are among the least courteous in the country. Only seven states were ranked lower than the Sooner State. In other words, Oklahoma drivers are the eighth rudest in the United States.

Tailgating, refusing to let other vehicles merge and neglecting to use turn signals are common examples of discourteous driving. Rude, aggressive drivers can easily cause accidents, which is why an awareness campaign is talking about common courtesy on the roads.

The survey was conducted as part of a summer Kars4Kids driving awareness campaign, which asked 2,500 licensed drivers in all 50 states questions like, “How often do you signal?” and “Would you let someone merge into your lane?” Oklahomans received a “D” grade. In fact, five of the ten rudest are Southern states, but the rudest drivers in the country reside in New York.

The campaign is called “Drive Human” and offers several common courtesy rules for drivers, including:

  • Only use the passing lane for passing.
  • Turn cruise control off when you’re passing another vehicle.
  • Always signal before making a turn or changing lanes.
  • Don’t tailgate — maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Turn off your high beams for oncoming traffic.
  • If you are in a minor accident move your vehicle over to the side of the road so that you don’t block traffic.

Following these rules is a good way to prevent accidents. If you are injured by a driver who wasn’t following one of these rules (for example, if you were rear-ended by someone following too closely), then you might have a viable personal injury claim.

Left Lane Law

One of the Drive Human’s courtesy rules will soon be a legal requirement for Oklahomans. A new law that takes effect in November will prohibit vehicles from driving in the left lane on divided highways unless passing another vehicle. Under current law, you may drive in the left lane as long as you’re not slowing the flow of traffic. The new law took effect last November and prohibits left-lane driving except for passing and in conditions where drivers have to use the left lane (like with lane closures).


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