Accidents In Work Zones

Accidents In Work Zones

In 2022 Oklahoma Transportation reported that, in the past five years, 91 people, including one ODOT worker, were killed and 1,455 people were injured in more than 8,000 collisions in Oklahoma work zones. Preliminary figures show 20 Oklahomans were killed from January-September 2021 in work zones.

Oklahoma Projects Are In Full Swing

Roadway construction is either done by private companies, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, or local governmental agencies. ODOT has published its Construction Work Plan (ongoing through 2025) for eight zones of the state. Tulsa sits within ZONE 8, which means we will see:

  • Roadway Projects
  • Right-of-Way Projects
  • Utility Projects
  • Road Widening
  • Bridge Rehabilitation

Collisions with the trucks at or near the construction zone are especially dangerous. Drivers who crash into a bulldozer, commercial truck, cement truck, or other large vehicle generally suffer more severe injuries than those who crash into other cars.

Who is responsible when a construction zone accident happens?

I work with the police, employer road construction experts if necessary, and conduct extensive discovery to determine who is at fault for the accident, and file claims against all responsible parties including:


    • Other Drivers
    • The construction site owner
    • Maintenance and repair crews
    • Engineers and architects
    • Oklahoma, counties, townships, and governmental agencies.
    • Contractors


The basis for your claim varies depending on how the accident happened.

Charles Bryan Alred PC represents the following types of construction zone cases:

  • Personal injury. We bring a personal injury case based on the negligence of the driver and anyone responsible for the driver’s actions
  • Wrongful death. If a loved one was killed, we represent the family of the loved one. Our lawyers demand that wrongdoers pay the funeral damages and for all the economic and social losses the death of a loved one causes spouses and children.
  • Product liability. If a truck defect caused you harm, our construction zone lawyers seek to hold the truck or truck part manufacturer responsible.
  • Workers’ compensation. If an employee is injured or killed at the construction zone site, we file work injury claims for wage loss and medical expenses on your behalf. In death cases, we seek payment of funeral expenses and long-term wage loss.

In claims against a governmental agency or subdivision, we help you meet the timeline, notice, and proof requirements.

Talk to an experienced Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer about your Injuries.

Every driver expects that roadways constantly need repairs. What drivers don’t expect is that the site owners will fail to properly secure the site, warn drivers, and protect drivers from danger. When construction zone accidents happen, you need an experienced Tulsa Lawyer who understands the safety laws and industry standards. At Charles Bryan Alred, PC, I have tried and settled numerous personal injury cases, with over thirty-five years of trial advocacy experience. To review your case now, please call 918-745-9960 and schedule a free consultation.


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